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Are you a perfect match for us?

In order to provide affordable housing to our community, all residents must meet certain criteria. This means your income cannot exceed a certain amount for your household size. Halekauwila Place provides rent-restricted housing for residents whose income does not exceed the maximum allowable income for their household size.

The total annual income must be at or below the following income limits below depending on number of occupants in the home*.



















There are (2) parts of the application and qualification process which must be met prior to being approved for move-in, these are: (1) Screening application and (2) Income/asset verification for program eligibility. Each part of the application process is outlined below: How to qualify to live here:

Screening process: The screening process includes a credit, criminal, and landlord reference check. Please note that a screening fee of $17 per household member 18 years of age and above will be due at the time of the application and is non-refundable. Prior to submitting your screening application, please review our screening criteria.

Income verification and eligibility: After each prospective household member has passed the Screening Process, all applicants will be required to complete the REA questionnaire and accompanying eligibility forms. This process is completed to ensure that the total household income does not exceed the maximum allowable income for the household size. All household members must income qualify at time of move-in. Each household member must provide documentation establishing their eligibility including but not limited to, a government issued identification card birth certificate for minors under the age of 18, student status, and income documents. Please note that, per the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program, households comprised of all full-time students are not eligible for residency unless one of the following exceptions apply. Every household is still welcome to complete an application, and ask about the student rule exceptions. 

Examples of exceptions to the student rule are listed below. Contact the leasing team with any questions. 
  • A student and receiving AFDC/TANF
  • A student who was previously in a foster care program under Part B or Part E of title IV of the Social Security Act
  • A student enrolled in a job training program under the Job Training Partnership Act (federal, state or local)
  • A single parent living with his/her minor children and such parent is not a dependent (as defined in Section 152) and whose children are not dependents of another individual other than a parent
  • Married and file a joint return

All sources and amounts of current, and anticipated annual income expected to be derived during the twelve months after move-in must be collected, verified, and reviewed by our compliance department. Our compliance department will review the household file to certify eligibility with the program. Our compliance department has a legal responsibility to ensure that all residents comply with the maximum allowable income limits at the time of move-in and are required to annually re-certify each household.

Household Members Per Unit Size:



1 Bed

2 Bed

3 Bed


1 persons

1 persons

2 persons

4 persons


 2 persons

3 persons

5 persons

7 persons




*Reflects Honolulu County annual median income effective 05/01/2020.

**Posted rents are subject to change at any time prior to a rental agreement being executed